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d2 Inner Caucus Entertainment, Inc. is an entertainment company established in Washington, D.C. We have produced events ranging from Jazz concerts to Fashion shows and Galas. We have sponsored several events that have benefited organizations such as the United Negro College Fund, Blacks in Government Scholarship Fund and The Black Student Fund.
Website Alert - We are in the process of re-acquiring our original domain name - innercaucus.com. In the meantime, please continue to use our new/alternate domain - innercaucusdc.com

Inner Caucus caters to clientele of professional men and women ranging in age from 25 to 54. Be a part of the Inner Caucus Revolution. Visit our sponsorship page for details about how you can team up with us to promote your business.

Upcoming Events (Actual Dates To Be Announced)

Caucu Gala
New Year's Eve Gala Celeberation
December 31st
Held at the Capital Hilton, Washington Court, and L'enfant Plaza Hotels in association with WHUR 96.3FM. Four Settings of Music, Live Band, Giveaways, Party favors, Overnight accommodations, Complimentary ...
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Caucus Gala
Held at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel and National Press Club in Washington DC. 4 Settings of Music, Live Band, Giveaways, Complimentary Buffet, Art Gallery, Book Signings. September 1995 to Present ...
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Summer White
All attendees were required to wear white attire at Summer White Events. Past events includes celebrity birthday parties, held at the Washington Court Hotel and hosted by national recording artist MILES JAYE ...
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